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Dr Stuart LeaskWelcome to CPD Online.


It’s a busy, busy world, and most clinicians are feeling harried from all sides. Patients and services are struggling, managers trying to keep services financially above water need more and better boxes to be ticked, and life seems ever more complex.


This all puts us under pressure, and while the internet revolution has made much more knowledge available at our desks, on our phones and at our fingertips, the new struggle is to judge the quality of the information we access. Anyone surfing the net today will be all too aware of the sharks just under the surface; we are deluged by advertising and single-issue campaigns masquerading as balanced reviews, and potentially misled by self-proclaimed experts with attractive websites on every topic under the sun.


CPD Online is produced by the Royal College of Psychiatrists, which derives its authority from academic endeavour in the context of front-line clinical experience over many years. CPD Online provides learning activities in the form of both modules and podcasts, focused on the continuing professional development needs of experienced clinicians working in the field of mental health. The material is written by the College's expert members, is largely psychiatric and psychological, and is rigorously reviewed by peers who consider both the accuracy of the content and the quality of the educational experience. 


Satisfactory appreciation of the material is tested through summative assessment, following which a certificate is provided to document this engagement in CPD. We also encourage learners to download the ‘take-home notes’ when beginning a module in order to annotate these with any reflections or key points that resonate with them. Users of the resource are encouraged to leave feedback on both presentation and content; in the fast-moving world of modern practice we cannot claim to have a monopoly on innovation and expertise!


The popularity of CPD Online is growing rapidly, both via individual and institutional subscriptions, with many NHS Trusts and mental health organisations outside the UK signing up. The resource is thus recognised as providing clinicians with high-quality, up-to-date educational activity. I hope you enjoy using CPD Online to continue your development as a professional.


Dr Stuart Leask

Editor, CPD Online


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