About the authors

Peter Julian Tyrer, MD, FRCPsych, FRCP, FFPH, FMedSci, FRCPsych (Hon), DPM

Emeritus Professor of Community Psychiatry, Centre for Mental Health, Imperial College, London.


Professor Tyrer has been interested in the most common mental disorders (anxiety and personality disorders) ever since his medical student days, in both their classification and treatments. He was Editor of the British Journal of Psychiatry (BJPsych) between 2003 and 2013.  


Email: p.tyrer@imperial.ac.uk


Declaration of interests: None.



Helen Elizabeth Tyrer, MB, MRCGP, Dip GUM, PhD

Senior Clinical Research Fellow, Centre for Mental Health, Imperial College, London.


Dr Tyrer has been interested in hypochondriasis since encountering it frequently as a GP and not being able to do anything about it. In the last 15 years she has been trained in and has practised a new form of cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) for this condition, which has shown to be very effective with persistent benefits in recent trials.


She is the author of a book published by RCPsych Press, Tackling Health Anxiety: A CBT Handbook (Tyrer, 2013).


Email: h.tyrer@imperial.ac.uk


Declaration of interests: None.

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