Module introduction

By the end of this module, we hope you will:


  • understand the limited role of medication in treating patients with ASD


  • be aware of cases where drug treatment may be indicated


  • be able to prescribe appropriately for specific symptoms in patients with ASD


  • be aware of drug treatments in catatonia and self-injurious behaviour.

Further reading


This module will recap the definition and core features of autism spectrum disorder (ASD), but assumes a prior knowledge of the condition in both children and adults. If you would like to read more about ASD before working through this module, please refer to the following CPD Online modules:


Recognising autism spectrum disorders in children with normal-range intelligence by Dr Rebecca J. Chilvers, Dr Jennifer Parker and Professor David H. Skuse


Autism spectrum disorders in adults: a brief introduction by Dr Yasir Hameed and Dr Jaap Hamelijnck



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