Institutional / multi-user subscriptions

An 'institutional subscription' is required when you have more than 10 users within one workplace/site/Trust. Athens authentication is used to give your multiple users access to the CPD Online site easily.


Your Trust can benefit from having an institutional subscription because:


  • It is a cost-effective way to provide 25 hours of CPD for many psychiatrists at once.


  • Athens authentication (see below) allows easy access for and management/administration of multiple users.


  • You receive more personalised customer service from the CPD Online team.


  • It provides your staff with a rich information source to improve knowledge and help them acquire new skills quickly.


  • It enables your staff to keep up to date with new research and best practice in psychiatry.


  • You can subscribe via your library's usual subscription agent.


  • The higher the number of users, the bigger the savings your institution can make.


Institutional Prices


Prices are grouped into 'bands' depending on how many users you want. To see the price bands and place an order, visit the Institutional Subscriptions page on the Turpin website.


If you would like to speak to someone about a quote for a multi-user license, please contact:


Turpin Distribution on tel +44 (0)1767 604 951.

Or Subscribe online now. 



Could you get CPD Online through your place of work?


Over 60 NHS Trusts have already taken out institutional subscriptions to CPD Online - ask your librarian or CPD supervisor whether your Trust is one of these.


If not, you can recommend CPD Online to your librarian or CPD supervisor, or print out the form below and give it to them.


Library recommendation form for CPD Online


What is Athens and what happens next?

Information about the OpenAthens technology.


As we get many queries on what happens once you have decided to purchase an institutional CPD Online subscription, we have produced the following one-page sheet to explain the process: 


10 Easy Steps to Setting Up CPD Online (Institutions)

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